Need to Do Business Planning?

Business Plan Templates for Excel

Do you need a solid business plan? Perhaps to support a bank loan request, pursue venture or angel capital funding or simply to map out a roadmap for entrepreneurial success? I may be able to help you.

This webpage supplies an updated version of the business planning workbook and instructions from my book, MBAs Guide to Microsoft Excel. Used by a number of business schools (including top ranked programs like Dartmouth, Norte Dame and Thunderbird), the MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel explained how to use Excel for business planning and other tasks. The book also provided a powerful business planning workbook, available as a download from this page, that small business people and entrepreneurs can use to create the income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow needed for a business plan.

If you're creating pro forma financial statements as part of a business plan you'll share with a bank or outside investors, consider buying, downloading and then using the do-it-yourself business plan workbook. The workbook helps you collects your input variables and then uses those variables to create 36 months of monthly financial statements and 3 years of annual financial statements. You can click the links below to see portions of the workbook:

An important note: The $9.95 workbook includes a pdf document of detailed instructions for using and even customizing the business plan template.

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Additional Free Business Plan Templates?

I've got a bunch more, free Microsoft Excel business planning templates available online, too. And when you buy the business planning workbook and instructions, I'll tell you where to find these other Excel workbook templates. These other Excel workbooks, which may be useful with the business planning workbook, include several debt amortization templates, a couple of investment analysis templates, some future value compound interest schedules, a sales and cost-of-goods-sold forecast schedule, and a break-even and profit-volume analysis workbook.