Maximizing Sec. 199A Deductions

Late in 2017, Congress passed a sweeping new tax law which, among other things, creates the best small business tax shelter since, well, since the S corporation: the Section 199A deduction.

Because the new law is so complicated and hard to understand, we created a 140 page e-book for fellow tax accountants, business advisers and savvy small business owners to help them understand the law and begin helping their clients.

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Tip: Or if you want a paper copy, order the printed book from Amazon (price $40, roughly 170 pages).

More Information about Maximizing Section 199A Deductions

Both the downloadable e-book and the printed version from Amazon provide tax accountants and sophisticated taxpayers with all the information they need (including dozens of simple examples) to start work on maximizing this tax planning opportunity, including:

  • At the very start, a general high-level description of how deduction works to get up-to-speed ASAP
  • Rich discussion about  what counts as qualified business income (the income sheltered by the Sec. 199A deduction)
  • How the “pass-thru” deduction works for different types of “pass-thru” entities including sole proprietors, partners and partnerships, S corporations, and rental property investors
  • Which service businesses get disqualified and how disqualification works
  • How to determine whether you should “un-incorporate” an S corporation… or revoke your Subchapter S election and operate as a C corporation
  • A “baker’s dozen” of practical tactics for maximizing the Section 199A deduction
  • Checklist of steps taxpayers will want to take on their 2018 tax returns in order to maximize savings
  • Overview discussion of the special, more complicated rules for agricultural and horticultural cooperatives and their members, as implemented in the technical corrections act passed in March 2018.

Both the downloadable e-book and the printed Amazon book also include two appendices… the first provides FAQs tax practitioners can share with their clients (via email or traditional letters) to help clients immediately understand the Section 199A opportunity… the second provides the final text of the Section 199A law.

Updated for 2019 Tax Returns

We’ve updated "Maximizing Section 199A Deductions" not only for the technical corrections and final regulations published in 2018 and 2019, but also for the new official IRS guidance provided in the fall of 2019. This includes the late-breaking revenue procedures and the Form 8995 instructions.

Money Back Guarantee for Downloadable Edition

And a final important note: We’re of course providing a money-back guarantee for the downloadable edition… If you’re an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent--or a taxpayer--and you don’t find our e-book saves you several hours of time and lets you more quickly start helping clients with this wonderful new tax shelter, just email us and ask for a refund.

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