Starting an Internet Business

Considering starting your own Internet business?

Hey, are you considering starting an Internet business? An Internet business can be a wonderful venture. You can make good money. And you can have great fun. But, as with any business, you need to be smart in the way you start and operate.

If you're not someone who's started an online or Internet venture before, accordingly, buy and read my Starting My Very Own Business ebook, "Starting an Internet Business." In the ebook, I answer the common startup questions that all small businesses have about the legal, accounting, tax and general management issues involved in setting up a new business--but from the point of view of someone starting an online Internet business.

I also share the tricks of the trade that experienced, successful Internet entrepreneurs use to increase their profits and reduce their business risks. Here's the table of contents, so you can see the specific items covered:

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Big Picture Guide to Internet Businesses
    • A Few Words About Internet Businesses
    • Setting a Strategy for Your Internet Business
    • Six Common Formulas for Small Business Success
    • Where to Find the Money to Start an Internet Business
    • Forming a Business Entity
    • Setting Up an Accounting System
    • Licensing Your Internet Business
  • Building Your Website
    • Choosing the Right Domain Name
    • Collecting Your Content
    • Creating the Actual Web Pages
    • Handling Online Payment Processing
    • Publishing the Web Pages to Your Web Site
    • Search Engine Optimization Basics
  • Common Questions about Starting an Internet Business
    • Question #1: How Much Money Can You Make?
    • Question #2: How Quickly is an Internet Business Profitable?
    • Question #3: Can I Use Google Adwords to Build Traffic?
    • Question #4: How Many Links Do I Need?
    • Question #5: What Products or Services Sell Best?
    • Question #6: What's the Big Mistake People Always Make?
    • Question #7: What's the Biggest Opportunity People Miss?
    • Question #8: How Do I Find Good Affiliate Programs?
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