Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews from anonymous buyers are always a little suspect. For a hopefully refreshing change in trustworthiness and credibility, this page provides easy-to-confirm testimonials, news coverage and reviews of Stephen L. Nelson, his books and his do-it-yourself kits:

New York Small Business Law, "extremely informative and helpful..."

New York small business law specialist and blogger Imke Ratschko commented directly on the incorporation kits, saying that she reviewed the "New York S Corporation Kit" and the "Setting S Corporation Salaries" ebooks and found both publications "extremely informative and helpful [with] everything you need to know to get your New York S corporation on the road." She also pointed out, "I don't personally know Stephen L. Nelson or have any incentive in endorsing his products." Her comments appear at New York Small Business Law blog.

Fortune Small Business, "[Nelson explains] the difference between between an LLC and an S Corporation."

The Fortune Small Business website (which is actually part of the CNN website network) tapped Steve for some advice for a reader who wrote in asking about why or if she should incorporate her small but well-established business. Nelson's advice appears in the part of the article that talks about the difference between an LLC and an S corporation--and gives examples of how much employment tax an S corporation can save. Er, the Fortune Small Business writer was perhaps a little stingy with the quotation marks... looks to us as if the example of an LLC taxed as an S corporation was a lightly paraphrased version of material that appears at this website.

Intuit Community, "Nelson describes easy tips to help protect your business."

Intuit (maker of the popular Quicken and QuickBooks accounting software) asked Steve to write about small business tax blunders for their popular Intuit Community web site, so he wrote an article "Five Small Business Tax Blunders You Don't Want to Make... and How to Avoid Them." In Intuit's introduction of Steve's article, they point out that his suggestions (which include the idea to not incorporate too soon) provide easy tips to protect a business.

Wall Street Journal, "aims at mainstream business people..."

In an article about Stephen L. Nelson's writing and publishing, "A Little Publisher that Could Remains on Track," the Wall Street Journal favorably profiled Nelson's work, explaining that his success stems from fact that he aims his books at mainstream businesspeople. In the same article, the Wall Street Journal referred to Nelson as the Louis L'amour of computer books because at the time, Nelson has written more than 100 titles. (The count is closer to 200 now.)

Seattle Times, "Succeeds by targeting a niche..."

Commenting on the previous Wall Street Journal article, Seattle Times columnist and business news editor Stephen Dunphy blurbed about Seattle-area CPA Nelson in his weekly newsletter, saying "In a nutshell, the story goes like this: The Louis L'Amour of computer books gets tired of writing books for the big guys. [He strikes out on his own and] succeeds by targeting a niche: business people."

Puget Sound Business Journal, "Nelson's success typifies the efforts of small publishers..."

A general and favorable discussion of how small publishers, including Stephen L. Nelson, Inc. use the worldwide web to deliver and market unique niche-y publications appeared in a BizJournals article, Web Allows Independent Publishers to Compete." This article also appeared in several other BizJournals editions, including the Portland Business Journal.

Sources of Insight, "especially valuable in today's economic landscape"

Power blogger J.D. Meier asked Steve to write a guest post, "The Five Small Business Success Formulas," for his high traffic Sources of Insight blog. Reviewing the article, which talks about patterns in how and why small businesses succeed, Meier said many nice things about Steve's work, including making the observation that in today's economic climate, Steve's information resources are especial valuable.

YouTube viewer, "This is clear information I needed..."

More as an experiment than anything else, Nelson presented some of the information from the do-it-yourself kits in crude YouTube videos. You can check out the reviews (and see grainy pictures of Steve) at the Stephen L. Nelson CPA Channel at YouTube which also include comments such as:

"Excellent advice, incredibly informative,"

"Sweet Bro, I Iove you man!!!"

"Good info and to the point."

Seriously, we couldn't even make some of these comments up if we tried.