S Corporation FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The list of questions below leads to pages that answer the most common questions I get from CPA firm clients and from website visitors. Therefore, if you have a question about forming, operating or ending an S corporation, the answer probably appears below.

However, if you truly do search through the questions and answers below and find that you can't find an answer to your general question, you can send your question to us using our contact form. If your question is of general interest, I'll add it to the list:

Background Incorporation Information

Starting a New S Corporation

Operating an S Corporation

Winding Down (Liquidating, Terminating S Corp Status, Etc.) an S Corporation


Additional Information You May Find Useful

If you want additional information about how to maximize the tax savings related to running a business or investment venture, you may also be interested in one of our downloadable e-books (see descriptions below). Each book covers a category of tax planning topics that easily save a business owner significant amounts of income or self-employment taxes (potentially thousands of dollars a year) and is instantly downloadable.

Maximizing Section 199A Deductions

Often the best tax saving tool private companies have? The Section 199A deduction which allows them to avoid taxes on the last 20 percent of their income.

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S Corporations Salary Secrets cover image

Using an S corporation for your business? To maximize savings, you need to minimize the salary paid to shareholders. But this decision is tricky.

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Maximizing Employee Retention Credits image

Nearly secret, the federal government's employee retention credits provide tremendous payroll tax savings for most small businesses... A new book from our firm explains.

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