Does Stephen L. Nelson CPA PLLC, provide S corporation consulting services?

Regularly, people visiting this website contact our CPA offices with a question, "Can I consult with your firm about S corporations in general or concerning how the S corporation option might work in a case like the one I'm now facing?"

The answer to this question is, "Yes. Absolutely." We'd be delighted to assist you.

Preparing for your Appointment:

However, in order to get you the best value for your investment in time and money, can we suggest you do a bit of upfront preparation for your consultation?

First, for example, read through the FAQ available at this site (and probably also the FAQ at our companion website,, to make sure that you understand the basics.

Next, build an agenda for your consultation. You don't need anything fancy. But you should list at least six to eight small business accounting, taxation or financial concerns you have.

Common questions, by the way, include:

  • In which state should I form my entity?
  • What platform should I use--limited liability company versus traditional corporation--for an S corporation?
  • When should I make the S corporation election--immediately or later on?
  • How much salary should I take?
  • What kind of accounting system do I need for a Subchapter S corporation?

Scheduling your Appointment

After you have your agenda, call our offices at 425-881-7350 to arrange for an appointment with Steve.

At most times of the year, we're able to schedule an appointment within a day or two. Note that people in the Seattle area probably should visit our CPA offices if that's possible. But people in other areas of the country will still be able to get coaching and consulting from Steve in a telephone appointment.

We currently charge $275 an hour for S corporation consulting. Payment needs to be made (using PayPal) when the appointment is scheduled. After your appointment is scheduled, our offices will provide you with a telephone number you can call at the appointed time.

Some Closing Caveats:

While the CPA offices of Stephen L. Nelson, CPA, PLLC are of course available to provide individuals and businesses with comprehensive tax planning and business planning services, a one-hour initial consultation does now allow for anything close to truly comprehensive or even thorough planning.

In fact, our policy is that if you require comprehensive planning and advice, that planning and advice needs to be put into written form using a tax planning letter or memo. A formal, in-writing approach is necessary to avoid confusion about your objectives and the issues being analyzed and to make clear the specific nature and limitations of tax planning advice. You should not rely on our short, oral discussion conducted in person or over the telephone as comprehensive tax planning or business planning advice.

Further, our CPA office's obligation to provide you or your business with services ends with appointment. Any follow-up services that might be required (such as representing you in an IRS audit) would be a separate, new engagement and would be governed by a new, specific engagement letter. Finally, in order for us to provide you with a one-on-one consultation, you must agree that Stephen L. Nelson's maximum liability for any negligent errors or omissions committed in the performance of an appointment or any other engagement will be limited to the amount of the fees for the engagement, except to the extent determined to result from gross negligence or willful misconduct.

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