1120S Tax Return Preparation

If you're looking for a CPA firm that specializes in S corporations, we'd like you to know we're available...

In fact, we have a special offer that works well for most new and many small Subchapter S corporations.

If your firm's revenues and assets are under $250,000, we can probably prepare your 1120S tax return, up to two K-1s, and your state's corporation return for $795 if you use QuickBooks Online or you can provide an accurate profit and loss statement as an Excel workbook or in a pdf.

And if you use the desktop version of QuickBooks and your firm's revenues and assets are under $250,000, we can probably prepare your 1120S tax return, up to two K-1s and your state corporate return for $995.

Note: The desktop version of QuickBooks adds a couple of hours to the work of preparing your return, typically, because of the fiddling around you and we will do with the backing up and restoration of your QuickBooks data file.

Got a More Complicated Situation?

Just for the record, we can also easily help you if your situation is more complicated or if you use another accounting system, but predictably our prices run a bit more for more complex situations.  (Pricing for S corporation tax returns that need extra disclosures because assets or revenues exceed $250,000 typically run $1,500 to $2,000, for example, as long as the books are clean, or relatively clean, and the business operates in a single state.)

And just so you know, we do work with many larger S corporations including those with large multi-state footprints and foreign operations.

Call 425-881-7350 for Info

If you’re interested or just need more information, call our offices during normal work hours.

We’ll chat for a few minutes (or longer) to make sure we’re a good solution for your situation. Often we are, sometimes we’re not.

How Our Process Simplifies Things for You

We are very experienced at preparing Subchapter S tax returns. Accordingly, we not only help you reduce your taxes. We usually make the process fast and smooth.

The actual process usually works like this:

1. You’ll invite us to use your QuickBooks Online data, sending the invitation to steve@stephenlnelson.com. Or you're provide a backup copy of desktop QuickBooks file.

2. We’ll both sign an engagement letter (available here at our blog) that specifically outlines the work we’ll do and the price you’ll pay.

3. You’ll need to upload your previous year’s tax return as well as your W-2s for shareholder-employees through our portal.

4. We’ll then prepare your tax return. Usually the process takes a few workdays from the point that you’ve provided your last bit of input.